domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010


1-Where do you live?

I live in a house, in San Francisco Urb El Soler, i live in a quiet neighborhood, in my house there are six rooms; a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundy room and a garage.

2- Where do there things go?

*Kitchen: there are a stove, a microwave, curtains, a table, a clock, a refrigerator and chairs

*Bedroom: there are a bed, some pictures, curtains, a closet, a lamp, a tv, a mirror, a rug

*Living room: there are coffe table, a sofa and armchairs, curtains, pictures, rug, bookcase, lamps and tv.

3- My favorite room

Well... My favorite room is the living room, because i listen music, watch tv... its very funny and so comfortable..

I live with my sister in a house in San Francisco Urb El Soler, we live in a quiet neighborhood.. there are six rooms..

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Hiii..! world.. welcome to my blog

Hii.. this is my blog.. you will to read all about me..

My name is karla fuenmayor i am 19 years old.. I live in Maracaibo city. i study marketing at URBE, i love music and dance